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The Gisborne RC Club was originally called the Gisborne Radio Control Car Club but a recent decision was made to change the name so as to try and incorporate all the different RC clubs and their events in Gisborne under the one banner. This move will hopefully make it easier for interested individuals to locate local planned events and make contact with the appropriate people. 

Living in a remote region can sometimes be a drawback, especially when it comes to hobbies and clubs. This website was set up by a group of RC enthusiasts to accomodate all RC modellers in our region to also provide, where need be, a larger voice when it comes to matters pertaining to our hobby and also to inform locals of what's on and who to contact in our region.

The hope is that this website will be ever forming as each person who sign's up as a member feeds the website with his or her own thoughts, photo's, event's, etc.

If you have any problems or suggestions please feel free to phone the site administrator Steve Main on 021 2941754.

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